Commercial Solar Solutions

Commercial Solar Solutions

Commercial and business premises that install solar power and/or solar hot water, are entitled to a range of rebates and incentives. Solar Choice Australia works with business owners, directors and managers to design customised solar solutions to meet energy and budgetary requirements.

A commercial solar system will decrease your outgoings by reducing your daily consumption of electricity purchased from the grid. Having a solar system installed on your commercial premises will also show your customers that you are an organisation that takes environmental responsibility seriously.

To ensure you receive a maximum return on investment, Solar Choice Australia will carry out a full project appraisal. This includes:

  • site inspection and evaluation
  • requirement assessment
  • energy audit
  • investment analysis
  • system design

Rebates and Incentives

As a commercial entity you may be eligible for rebates and incentives such as:

  • STCs – Solar Power and Solar Hot Water
  • Solar Credits – Solar Power
  • Feed-in tariff – Solar Power

Solar Power Eligibility

If the solar power system is 100 kW or less in power and generates no more than 250 mWh of electricity per year then the system in eligible for STCs, including the initial claim of Solar Credits.

If the system is larger than 100 kW and generates more than 250 mWh of electricity per year then this is considered to be a power station and application needs to be made directly to the Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator for a power station.

A Smart Investment

There has never been a better time to install solar electricity on your business, organisation or club premises. If you have adequate roof space, installing a solar power system can be a great investment. The return on your investment will vary in relation to the Feed-In Tariff arrangement in your State. For example, in South Australia which has a Net Feed-In Tariff, a 6 kW solar electricity system producing an average 23 kWh of solar electricity per day could save you between $2500 and $5000 per year depending on your daytime electricity consumption. A typical system pays for itself in around 7 years. After this, you can enjoy free electricity for the lifetime of the system!

A Cleaner Footprint

In addition to the financial benefits, the carbon reduction benefits are also notable. A 6 kW solar power system will reduce your company’s CO2 emissions by approximately 9 tonnes per year. Over a 35-year expected life-span this is a reduction of over 300 tonnes of CO2!

More and more consumers are inspired by environmental credentials. Choosing to install a solar electricity system on your premises will provide you with distinct competitive advantage.

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