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"We are very pleased with the look of the system and the output has been outstanding.

The inverter with readouts enables us to monitor the performance - very illuminating"

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How Solar Hot Water Works

Solar Choice Australia How Solar Hot Water Works

There are two types of solar hot water system - Highline & Split. A highline system consists of a storage tank and solar collectors all installed on your roof. A split system consists of a storage tank installed on the ground with solar collectors on the roof - in the latter case a pump is used to pump the water from the tank on the ground to the collectors on the roof.

The solar collectors absorb heat from the sun to heat the water that passes through them. The heated water is then stored in an insulated tank for use when you need it. Solar collectors are best positioned facing north.

On cloudy days, or when hot water usage is higher than usual, your hot water system may need a boost. The booster heating unit will come on when the water temperature falls below the thermostat setting and turn off automatically when the water reaches the required temperature. Solar hot water systems can either be electric boosted or gas boosted.

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